3 Doors Down at D.A.R. Constitution Hall

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Sunday, January 8, 2012

Once I had heard 3 Doors Down would be performing in DC alongside Pop Evil and Theory Of a Deadman, I was excited to check it out. 3 Doors Down is one of those bands that everyone knows and whether you love them or hate them, you have heard their early career hit “Kryptonite.” While I cannot call myself a “fan” I have always enjoyed their music.

Coming out to lead, Brad Arnold belted out “Time of My Life” and these guys had a lot of energy from the start. As the show continued not much changed, but I was slowly finding out the most interesting part of the concert was Arnold and bassist Todd Harrell. Throughout the show Harrell was at the front of the stage, he had a very “in your face” style and the crowd ate it up. Chris Henderson and Matt Roberts just became more or less a part of the set. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was a fantastic show and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Towards the end of their set, Arnold took a break to talk about an organization the band started, “The Better Life Foundation.” 100% of proceeds are utilized to help, whether it is overseas to our solders, local children or even efforts after a natural disaster. 3 Doors Down encouraged everyone to check it out and support the cause. Personally I had no idea that this band was so active in the US “community.” Once they had finished talking about their efforts, they continued the concert with “When You’re Young.”

Set List:

Time of My Life
Duck and Run
The Better Life
Away From the Sun
It’s Not Me
What’s Left
Citizen Soldier
When You’re Young
Round and Round
Behind Those Eyes
Here Without You
Not My Time


Believer (Judas Priest cover)
When I’m Gone


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