Black Stone Cherry and Cavo at Rams Head Live

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Monday, February 13, 2012

Black Stone Cherry and Cavo are currently touring around the United States. Kaitlin Follmer had the chance to check out the performance when it came to Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD.


I wanted to cover this show mostly for Cavo. They are a relatively new band that released their first full-length album in 2008 with huge support from their early single “Champagne.” Admittedly I had only heard “Champagne” and “Crash” (both early hits for the band) and wasn’t familiar with the rest of their material, and it seemed like the same was true for most of the crowd.

There isn’t too much to say for these guys unfortunately, on stage the only thing worth watching was Chris Hobbs on guitar. He was the only one really jumping around and getting into the music, and even still he didn’t make too much of an effort to connect with the crowd. Midway through the set I had to stop and ask a friend of mine if they had even said anything to the crowd yet. While yes, people come for the music, it is important to connect on a personal level. That is what separates a live show from a live song on YouTube or on a CD. Live, they sounded great, the vocals were clean and the backing music was on point, but I really wanted to see life from them. I hope they do well, but as of right now, there is no reason I would want to go see them again.

Black Stone Cherry:

I saw these guys earlier in the summer for the Carnival of Madness tour and didn’t think too much of them, they didn’t stand out to me. This time when I saw them they surprised the hell out of me. Guitarist Ben Wells and bassist Jon Lawhon were all over the place, they would constantly switch sides with one another and jump up on a box they had set up at the front of the stage; they were very in sync with one another. It was a nice contrast to Lead Chris Robertson; since he also plays guitar, he is somewhat immobilized at the mic. My attention was equally shifted from one to the other; they worked very well together as a team.

I was also very impressed by their set list, or lack-there-of. Originally their set list consisted of about 12 songs and roughly an hour-long set, but this turned into an hour and a half set. Towards the end of the set, Chris announced he had a dilemma: they only had one song left on their set list, but they were having too much fun playing music. From there they said fuck it and segued into their song “Peace is Free.” Chris also mentioned they usually don’t play this song live or when they do they play it acoustic. This time around Chris sang and Ben played electric guitar. They had wonderful harmonies throughout the song, and this was such a great song in the way the presented it. I’m glad this was one of their impromptu songs.

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