Chevelle/Janus at Rams Head Live

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chevelle is currently headlining venues across the United States, and stopped by Rams Head Live in Baltimore along the way. Kaitlin Follmer had the chance to check out the performance, her review and photos are below.


After listening to their new album, “Nox Aeris” I thought they sounded great, though this was the first time I had ever heard them. I would say Janus was a good fit on this bill, they had a very similar sound to Chevelle and would be a good band to get people excited…or so I thought.

When they first took the stage, Janus were pretty energetic and jumped right into the music. Though as the set progressed I found a lack of connection with the lead singer; he never really made eye contact with the crowd. It looked like he was concentrating so hard on singing and remembering the lyrics that he paid no attention to the entertainment portion of his job. At one point he jumped off the stage onto the barrier where the crowd was while he was singing his third song. It was like watching a train crash slowly. As he stood on the barrier singing to the crowd the people in the front couple of rows just moved awkwardly out of his way. I felt so bad for him in that moment.

As I looked around the guitarist and bassist made a conscious effort to move a little and plant themselves on either side of the stage to rock out. Unfortunately it really fell short of me because they had absolutely no connection with the crowd and that is so important at a live show.

In the end Janus sounded great, but it’s clear they are still a young band; they need to be comfortable on stage and have fun. They could really make a name for themselves, they have the sound but need the wow factor on stage.


Chevelle is one of those bands I always go back and forth with. I really like their music, but it all sounds the same. I like their sound because it has a nice mellow but still rock and roll sound that is an appealing mix. When I saw them for the first time at the Ravens kick off party in September, they didn’t blow me away. They sounded like they did on CD but being a 3 piece band can really work to your disadvantage if you don’t work to stand out. That’s exactly happened, and for a free concert I really didn’t expect too much.

This time around seeing Chevelle as the headliner, they were able to flip their act around. It definitely helped they had an elaborate light set up but the lead singer was so much more involved, whenever he wasn’t stuck stationary behind his mic, he came out to the front of the stage and ran around a bit. The group’s bassist was also a little more prevalent in this show. He seemed so much more comfortable and didn’t try to overcompensate like he did in the last show. I was happy to really see them really show up. While they still aren’t the most exciting in your face live band, this is a very talented group of guys.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform this summer at Rock on the Range. At a huge music festival like that it can be easy for bands to get lost in the mix or really shine, I’m interested to see what they can bring to the 2 day rock fest.

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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