No Fear Music Tour 2009

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Monday, May 25, 2009

Chip Tamplin had a chance to check out the No Fear Music Tour 2009 at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland. Check below for his impressions and footage from the show.

Note: Children of Bodom was also scheduled to appear but was forced to drop off the tour due to their guitarist/singer sustaining a broken shoulder and internal bleeding from a fall.

God Forbid:

Starting off the show was veteran metal band God Forbid. they were a great start to the show. though their guitarist (and brother of fellow guitarist Doc Coyle) Dallas Coyle recently left the band, it didn’t slow them down or make them miss a beat. they brought a lot of energy and the crowd loved them. As was the case for all of the bands, they were given a set-time extension due to Children of Bodom dropping off the tour. Only complaints I have was that it was very hard to make out the singer over the other members of the band. Otherwise, it was a superb start to the show.

Vocals: 7

Crowd Response: 10

Overall Sound: 9

Band Activity: 10

Overall Rating: 9

Municipal Waste:

the thrash metal band from Richmond, Virginia came up short on this tour. I had always heard good things about them, but what I heard and what I saw were two drastically different things. they are well known for their drunken shenanigans and rowdy shows, it was a bit out of place here. By the time they got through their first two songs, they were already being deafened by boos from the crowd and eventually cut their set short so the singer could “take a huge shit”. Maybe I caught them on an off night, but from what we saw, we were not impressed.

Vocals: 5

Crowd Response: 5

Overall Sound: 5

Band Activity: 8

Overall Rating: 6

As I Lay Dying:

Being direct support to a headliner can be a daunting task for some bands, but not crossover metal titans As I Lay Dying. Playing an hour set they were able to incorporate both new songs as well as many older crowd pleasers such as “94 Hours”, “through Struggle” and their final song “Confined”. By the time they’d gotten to the stage and started into their first few songs, the stage was covered with crowd surfers and stage divers. It got so full at one point it was hard to differentiate between singer Tim Lambesis and members of the crowd. Dawning circle pits and stage divers galore, As I Lay Dying strongly rivaled headliners Lamb of God and were a phenomenal support band.

Vocals: 9

Crowd Response: 10

Overall Sound: 9.5

Band Activity: 10

Overall Rating: 9.5

Lamb of God:

The band everybody came to see did not leave anyone disappointed. Like God Forbid, Lamb of God also hail from Richmond, Virginia. With smoke machines going in full effect, stage hands running frantically from side to side making sure everything was perfect, Rams Head Live started ringing with both anticipation and deafening chants of “LAMB OF GOD! LAMB OF GOD!”. As the lights dimmed the crowd went into hysterics, already starting mosh pits and crowd surfing. As drummer Chris Adler, bassist John Campbell, guitarists Will Adler & Mark Morton and iconic vocalist Randy Blythe appear through the darkness and fog they spare no delay in bringing the place into pure chaos. the show only went up from there. Playing fan favorites such as “Ruin”, “11th Hour” and “Laid to Rest” as well as some newer songs. Phenomenal show and tour.

Vocals: 10

Crowd Response: 10

Overall Sound: 10

Band Activity: 9.5

Overall Rating: 10

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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