Senses Fail/Bayside/Balance and Composure

By Kaitlin Follmer

Published on Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kaitlin Follmer had the opportunity to attend Senses Fail’s latest tour when they came to Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. Check below for her impressions and photos from the performance.

Balance and Composure: 

I was surprised by these guys. I got to the Recher Theatre early around 6 PM, doors were at 6:30, and the line to get in was already stretching around the corner. The turn out just to see this band was astounding. There were people in the front row shouting the lyrics along with the band. The crowd exploded when they came out with “Show Your Face.” I really enjoyed their set, though I would have liked the front man, Jonathan Simmons, to interact a little more with the crowd or even the other guys in the band. He spent 60% of the set with his eyes closed singing into the microphone, though he had a very good live sound. The rest of the band picked up where Jonathan fell short as they were all over the stage playing for the crowd. Overall I liked their set and I think they were a great choice as an opening act for Bayside and Senses Fail.


I have to admit that I was quite excited to see Bayside. I have always heard good things about them, although I have never heard their music. They are a punk/alternative rock band from Queens, New York, that formed in 2000, and they have gained much popularity in the past 10 years. From the second they stepped on stage, they never stopped performing. Throughout the set Anthony Raneri was all over the stage, he was very animated and a lot of fun to watch. I love when bands get engaged because it makes the show a lot more fun to watch and I notice the crowd gets so much more out of the experience as well when this happens. Another thing I noticed was all the guys smiled a lot, they had great chemistry on stage and really seemed to love performing. They were a great band to see live, not only were they fun to watch but they had a great sound. Sometimes when I go to concerts, I can barely hear the vocals over the loud thumping of the bass drum or the roaring guitars and I really got a feel for what they sounded like, their music really translated well live.

One of my good friends from school actually attended the show specifically to see Bayside. She is a big fan, and she really loved the show and felt they had a strong set list, although she wished their set was longer. That seemed to be the general consensus of the night as once Bayside concluded their set the crowd started shouting for an encore. Being as Bayside was only an opener for Senses Fail they were not given the additional time.

Senses Fail:

These guys came on stage completely focused, immediately transitioning into their set. Lead singer Buddy Nielsen came out jumping…literally. Throughout the set Buddy was very high energy and animated. It was definitely a challenge trying to shoot these guys, but the crowd really drew from their energy and the challenge made the concert enjoyable as well. I was a little disappointed though, as I barely heard their songs. The guitars and the drums were overpowering and the only time I really heard the vocals was during the screaming parts of the song and even then I couldn’t understand him. Typically I like hearing the vocal work with the music, I don’t like when any one component outweighs the other.

The only complaint I heard from the crowd was that they wished Senses Fail played some of their older songs and mixed their set list up a bit more. I definitely liked watching Senses Fail more than I enjoyed their music.

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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