Slayer/Suicidal Tendencies/Exodus at Hard Rock Live Orlando

By Conner Wight

Published on Tuesday, December 2, 2014

After several years of being a fan of Slayer, I finally got the opportunity to catch them at the Hard Rock in Orlando, Florida on November 21st. I can honestly say it was definitely worth the wait. So without further ado, let’s get in to how the three legendary metal bands did!




1. Black 13

2. Blood In, Blood Out

3. Blacklist

4. A Lesson in Violence

5. Bonded by Blood

6. The Toxic Waltz

7. Strike of the Beast


As you can see, Exodus played a pretty short but sweet setlist. There are few tracks I would have liked to hear like “War is my Shepherd” or “Piranha”, but they still put on a good show. “The Toxic Waltz” was my favorite Exodus song of the night. It’s already one of my favorites by them and it sounded really good live, and the crowd loved it. I would have liked to see Exodus play longer, but the length is understandable due to the fact that guitarist Gary Holt is also playing with Slayer.

RATING = 8/10




1. You Can’t Bring Me Down

2. Freedumb

3. War Inside My Head

4. Subliminal

5. Possessed to Skate

6. I Saw Your Mommy

7. Cyco Vision

8. Pledge Your Allegiance


I’m not gonna lie, I never really got in to Suicidal Tendencies that much. However, they put on a pretty nice show. They were my least favorite of the night, but I still liked them. I will say, it started to get a little bit boring towards the end of the set. That being said, Mike Muir is excellent showman and all the ST fans were very engaged. But come on ST, where was “Institutionalized”? All I wanted was a Pepsi! I would not mind seeing them again, and hopefully next time I’ll be a little more in to them.

RATING = 7/10




1. World Painted Blood

2. Postmortem

3. Hate Worldwide

4. Die by the Sword

5. Chemical Warfare

6. War Ensemble

7. Mandatory Suicide

8. Necrophiliac

9. Spill the Blood

10. Hell Awaits

11. At Dawn They Sleep

12. Altar of Sacrifice

13. Jesus Saves

14. Disciple

15. Seasons in the Abyss

16. Snuff

17. Dead Skin Mask

18. Raining Blood

19. Psychopathy Red

20. South of Heaven

21. Angel of Death


As the curtain dropped to reveal Slayer standing on stage getting in to the first song, I was beyond excited. Finally, I was seeing Slayer. And I gotta say, the metal gods put on a great show. Everyone was going crazy, having a great time, and rocking out big time. I would have liked to hear “Black Magic” or “Metal Storm/Face the Slayer”, and I was especially surprised that “Black Magic” wasn’t played. Aside from that, they played a lot of great songs including classics “Raining Blood”, “Angel of Death”, and “South of Heaven”. It was definitely all I expected and I would easily see them again.

RATING = 9/10



~Conner Wight






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