Trespass America Festival at Penn’s Landing – Festival Pier

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chip Tamplin had the chance to check out the Trespass America Festival when it came to Penn’s Landing – Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA. Check below for his photos and review of the performances.


If the organizers of Trespass America were going for one of the most random tours of the year, they definitely succeeded. Sadly I didn’t get there in time to see Battlecross or God Forbid but did get there in time for Emmure.

I’ve never liked Emmure. I never understood their sound. I saw them a couple of years ago opening for DevilDriver and was hoping to avoid them but sadly they made it onto this tour. The crowd seemed to start to enjoy them by the end of their set but it’s sad when metal fans respond better to Pop Evil than to you.

Vocals: 7
Crowd Response: 6
Overall Sound: 7
Band Activity: 7
Overall Rating: 6


1. Sunday Bacon
2. Children of Cybertron
3. Protoman
4. I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper
5. Dogs Get Put Down
6. Demons with Ryu
7. Drug Dealer Friend
8. 10 Signs You Should Leave
9. Solar Flare Homicide

Pop Evil:

After seeing the lineup I couldn’t believe that Pop Evil was on this tour. Talk about a fish out of water. Oddly enough, the crowd responded to them very positively. They’ve always been a very energetic band live which certainly helps but they seemed to cater their set list more towards the metal crowd than I anticipated. They even left off their signature song “100 in a 55”, much to the chagrin of certain die-hard fans in attendance. Still, great set despite the apparent randomness of their addition to this metal tour.

Vocals: 9
Crowd Response: 8
Overall Sound: 8.5
Band Activity: 9
Overall Rating: 8.5


1. Hero
2. Daisy Chain
3. Shinedown
4. Monster You Made
5. Epitaph
6. Boss’ Daughter
7. Last Man Standing


I’ve seen Trivium a lot over the last few years. Each time they’d gotten better live but sadly that trend stopped at this show. While they didn’t sound bad, they were definitely hard to hear them at times. Vocalist Matt Heafy was almost completely discernable at times. Their set list was pretty good though I would’ve preferred some more old stuff in it. Still, good set list albeit short of expectations.

Vocals: 7
Crowd Response: 9.5
Overall Sound: 8.5
Band Activity: 8
Overall Rating: 8


1. In Waves
2. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
3. Rain
4. Caustic are the Ties that Bind
5. Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis
6. Throes of Perdition

Killswitch Engage:

Seeing Killswitch Engage reunited with their former vocalist Jesse Leach was my reason for going. 100%. I’d seen them at least six times over the years with Howard. Howard, in my opinion, was a very solid vocalist in his own right but it was amazing seeing them with their original vocalist for the first time.

I’d been fortunate enough to see Jesse’s newer musical project with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz – Times of Grace. We had an interview with him before the show and I was amazed at how down to earth and humble he was. When asking him about any possible return to Killswitch, he didn’t seem optimistic or enthusiastic. So naturally, I didn’t expect it to happen.

When it was announced that Howard was leaving the band I prayed that it would happen and I’m so thankful it did. I was amazed at how solid Jesse sounded. He’s been a little notorious over the years for not being able to take care of his voice for long tours, but that didn’t seem to be the case. He was sharp from the start of the set to the end.

I was a little disappointed that they played so many Howard-era songs, but I guess Jesse is just trying to prove that he can do those songs as well as his own. Still, finally hearing him sing “Fixation on the Darkness” and “My Last Serenade” gave me chills.

Vocals: 9.5
Crowd Response: 9.5
Overall Sound: 9
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 10


1. Rose of Sharyn
2. Fixation on the Darkness
3. This is Absolution
4. No End in Sight
5. My Last Serenade
6. A Bid Farewell
7. Life to Lifeless
8. The End of Heartache
9. My Curse
10. Holy Diver [Dio cover]

Five Finger Death Punch:

If there’s one band that I hate to love and love to hate, it’s Five Finger Death Punch. It amazed me that they ever got to the level of stardom that they have achieved but damn can they put on a live show. They definitely lived up to their words of bringing larger stage productions out with each tour.

Vocalist Ivan Moody sounded better than the last few times I saw them this year. Despite the same ol’ set list, it was a fun show and tour. I hope if I have to see them more in the future (which I know I will) I hope they do more to make every show and tour unique, rather than doing the same things every single show.

Vocals: 9
Crowd Response: 10
Overall Sound: 9
Band Activity: 10
Overall Rating: 9.5


1. Under and Over It
2. Burn it Down
3. American Capitalist
4. Hard to See
5. Coming Down
6. Bad Company [Bad Company cover]
7. White Knuckles
8. Far From Home
9. Never Enough
10. War is the Answer


11. Remember Everything [Acoustic]
12. No One Gets Left Behind
13. The Bleeding

Photos (Bands Listed in Alphabetical Order):

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