NYCC 2014: The League Cast Interviews + Panel

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Friday, October 17, 2014

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I’m pretty picky when it comes to the comedy shows that I watch. Aside from Parks and Recreation, South Park and Robot Chicken, I rarely follow comedies religiously from week to week. The League quickly jettisoned its way to the top of my favorite-comedies list. I started watching about halfway through season two (which is when the cast has said word of mouth really took off) and I never looked back. To this day, as much as I’m excited for football to come back in September, I look more forward to the return of The League.

Due to the fact it’s on FX (well, FXX now), it’s afforded a lot more freedom to achieve the levels of depravity that the show seems to aim for. I can’t even imagine what The League would be like if it was on, say, NBC. Still, I had the opportunity to interview the cast and creators at New York Comic Con 2013 (the first comic con they were actually invited to) and was beyond excited to see them return in 2014. Below you’ll be able to listen to their entire New York Comic Con 2014 panel (audio only) as well as interviews with the entire cast and creators. Enjoy, you shit-sipping frittatas!

The League – Panel

Nick Kroll (Ruxin):

Jon LaJoie (Taco):

Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi):

Paul Scheer (Andre):

Katie Aselton (Jenny MaCarthur):

Stephen Rannazzisi (Kevin MaCarthur):

Mark Duplass (Pete):

Jeff and Jackie Schaffer (creators/writers):

The League airs Wednesday nights at 10 on FXX. For more information on The League, check out the shows website.


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