The Chariot Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The Chariot was formed by former Norma Jean frontman Josh Scogin in 2003. Their debut album showcased plenty of raw, heavy music and plenty of fans. Only a few months ago the band saw a lineup change and gained a new bassist (Dan Eaton) and guitarist (Jon Terrey). The group is currently finishing up the Sounds of the Underground tour and will soon embark on their first ever European tour. I had the chance to chat with the entire band at the SOTU show in Columbia, MD.

Note: I would like to apologize in advance to Jon and Jake. I can’t always make out who is saying what on the recording, so if I mixed up what you guys said, I’m sorry. And Dan, you were really quiet, so I apologize to you if I missed anything you might’ve said.

Cosmos Gaming: How does it feel to be on this tour?

All: Hot!

Jake: Sweaty.

Josh: Yeah, and we’re headed down south, so we hope it will get a lot colder down there, but that’s not likely.

CG: So you guys were watching Converge, what did you think of them?

Josh: Converge? I like Converge a lot and today is their last show. I wish they were on the whole thing because they are probably one of my favorite bands on this tour.

Jon: Yeah, they’re good dudes.

CG: So who else have you guys been hanging out with?

Josh: In Flames dudes, been playing poker with them and they’ve been taking my money.

Jon: Dan and I just came from hanging out with GWAR before they went on.

Jake: The As I Lay Dying guys are all good guys.

Josh: Behemoth likes us a lot.

CG: So you guys recently finished recording?

Josh: Nope. We didn’t, we recently finished writing. We’re going to record. After this we go to Europe and after that we’re going to record.

CG: Do you guys have any titles for songs or the album yet?

Josh: Nothing official. I think I have a couple that may end up being used but we haven’t really talked about it so I’m not going to say them.

CG: Josh, I wanted to talk to you about your side project which is called A Rose by Any Other Name.

Josh: Uh oh. Okay.

CG: Are you going to do anything with that, maybe getting that labeled or something?

Josh: Someday, maybe. It’s just something I’ve been doing on my time off. Whatever happens, I’m focused on The Chariot right now.

CG: What do you guys think of Solid State?

Josh: I like Solid State.

CG: Have they been real supportive of you?

Josh: Yeah, they’ve been really good to us. I’ve heard stories of not being good to bands but I think the bottom line with any label is if you tour a lot and show signs of trying they’ll be good to you.

CG: Yeah, I went and saw He is Legend on the Black Unicorn Tour that was a good show.

Josh: Yeah, I like Solid State.

CG: Josh, you did a cameo on The Showdown CD? Are you good buddies with them?

Josh: I am now. It’s kind of funny, I know the guy that runs their label. I knew him before he ran the label; I was kind of just doing him a favor. I’d never really heard The Showdown, but they sent me the files and I did whatever. Since then I’ve met them and it’s funny because I didn’t know them at the time.

CG: Have you ever toured with them?

Josh: Nope.

CG: Do you want to?

Josh: Uh, whatever.

CG: So how do you guys go about writing stuff, what do you find inspiration from?

Jake: Food. Eat first, play later.

Josh: Um, yeah. We get inspirations everywhere. Jake Ryan usually wears a hockey mask when we practice and I guess he gets inspiration from that.

Jake: I usually have to strip down to my skivvies first. Or just a sock…

All: Sock, haha.

Josh: But I mean, as far as writing the music, you go long enough without writing something new and it just bubbles out like a soda shaken well.

CG: So are you looking forward to the European tour?

Josh: Yes, big time.

CG: Have you guys ever been to Europe before?

Josh: I’ve been there twice and I think some of us have gone individually.

Jake: I went there on vacation.

Josh: As a band we’ve never been there.

CG: In Flames was telling me that European crowd reaction is different and whatnot.

Josh: Yeah, it’s because they’re European. They don’t, well I mean they do speak English. Well, some of them do.

CG: Some of them will probably be singing along without knowing what the words mean.

Josh: Yeah, and I won’t know what they mean.

CG: So, what kind of videogames are you guys into?

Josh: None.

Jon: All of them.

Jake: I like sports videogames.

Josh: I hate videogames.

Jake: I’m not into them too much, but Guitar Hero is pretty fun.

Josh: Oh yeah, I can give Guitar Hero some props.

Jon: Nothing matters except for the Wii.

Jake: My brother Josh likes videogames a lot. He’s working on getting every system ever made. I came off of tour around Christmas, or maybe it was after the POD tour which would not be Christmas. Anyway, I came home and in my room was a Turbografx-16 and I was like, what’s that doing in here?

Josh: What was that thing you brought that one time? The Sega on the go or something?

Jake: The Nomad. That’s like the biggest handheld I’ve ever seen.

CG: Pulling out the obscure stuff on me eh?

Jake: Yeah. That’s not really about us but that’s about my brother.

Josh: I don’t like videogames. Except for Guitar Hero, that’s it.

Jon: Nintendo Wii, it’s going to be the best thing ever.

CG: If you could do any band to do a split with, who would it be?

Josh: Split with?

CG: Yeah, like a split CD.

Josh: Oh.

Jake: Personally, or as a band?

CG: Either way.

Josh: Definitely not Through the Eyes of the Dead (the singer of that band is standing right behind him). They’re no good. Their singer Tony sucks. Not really though.

Tony: I do.

Josh: Cameo appearance *laughs*. Um, as for bands, probably Oh Henry.

Jake: Yeah, Oh Henry would be our choice (Editor’s note: Spelling of the band may be incorrect).

Josh: I don’t know, maybe Entropy or some other cool bands like that.

Jon: James Dean Trio.

Josh: Behemoth.

Jake: I’d like to do a three-way split where we do the third side. Behemoth would be the first side, and The Cardigans would do the second.

Josh: Yeah, *laughs*.

CG: So if you had some words that people could always remember you by, what would they be?

Josh: I like toast.

Jake: Eat right.

Josh: Don’t be a fool, stay in school. I don’t know, I’m not really good with words. I wouldn’t really have any words to give.

Jake: Hot.

CG: It looked like you guys were having technical difficulties today.

Josh: Yeah, we had no monitors. In the beginning, there’s a time period where you just make eye contact with the guy and hope he will fix it, and then you get to a point where… (at this point Josh gets interrupted by a very loud burp, it may have actually been him but I cannot remember at this point)… where you realize um…

Jake: Was that an example of some death metal vocals?

Josh: Yeah, that’s what I would do on our tri-split. But yeah, at some point you realize it’s not going to get fixed, but that is okay because we can still just do our thing. We have like a five minute set change, so it’s instant. You just go up there and you start and hope that everything works. It isn’t until you’re already into the first song that you realize nothing’s working. It’s not our fault; it’s the sound people.

Jake: There are so many dudes running around on stage trying to patch things up.

Josh: They never fixed the problem today to my knowledge.

Jake: Don’t get me wrong though, Eric is awesome though.

Josh: On a normal basis they’re amazing, I love all the dudes and I think they’re doing a really, really good job with the sound. I think today someone just patched something wrong or something, and with a five minute set change everything is so rushed and there isn’t really time to sit down and fix it.

CG: You have a lot shorter sets too since there are a lot of bands on today’s show.

Jake: Yeah.

Dan: Short sets are really cool.

Josh: Short sets are easy for us, and it’s better for us when it’s like 102 degrees outside, like today. We do this every day.

CG: It’s not always quite this bad.

Josh: Yeah, well fix it.

CG: Have you guys had a chance to explore around here at all?

Jake: I’m about to explore that mall across the street.

Josh: Yeah, I’d like to explore that food court.

Jake: You know what’s really lame about this tour? This is the only thing that’s lame: you have to get a food card. You get it punched like it was high school or something if you want to eat.

Josh: Yeah, but get this. I’ve ate all I wanted and never got one stamp!

Dan: We have hall monitors too.

CG: Yeah, they’re real strict at this venue. They wouldn’t let me bring in a CD jewel case.

Josh: Yeah, well they have problems with CD cases. People will sometimes throw them like Chinese stars and apparently it has been a problem the past couple of nights.

CG: So are you guys going to go watch anyone else play tonight?

Josh: I saw Converge and that was cool, but other than them I’d like to see GWAR. They’re playing right now though, but I’ve seen a little bit of them.

Jake: AILD.

Josh: All of them are a good watch, but I have to eat sometimes. My daddy always said a man’s got to eat.


I would like to thank the members of The Chariot for letting me interview them, as well as all of the people who helped make this opportunity possible (Brian Rocha of Adrenaline PR, Jimi Storey of Arson Media Group, and the band’s tour manager Dan Owens).

For more information on The Chariot, visit their official site at



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