Tiger Flowers Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tiger Flowers’ debut album Dead Hymns releases today, April 8th, on Melotov Records. The NYC band began to gain notoriety with their self-titled EP back in 2011, and they’ve been working on hooking up with the right label to get their new material out there. Dead Hymns had actually been completed for almost a year before Melotov signed on to release it.

What stood out to me was that the group had written shorter songs than before but were able to pack even stronger hooks into it. They have faster moments that have that traditional hardcore intensity, but the slower grooves of tracks like “Suicide Giants” really takes this album to another level. With the album now available, I had the chance to send some questions over to bassist Will Gomez to learn more.

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Dead Hymns will be out April 8th. I understand that the album has actually been finished for almost a year now. How does it feel to be finally getting the material out there?

You know that feeling you get right before getting on a roller coaster, after you’ve been standing and waiting on line for over an hour? It’s that kinda feeling! Super pumped and excited for everybody to finally listen to it!

What made Melotov Records the right fit for Tiger Flowers? Is there any chance that you might tour with some of the other bands on the label in the near future?

Melotov Records have put out some really great bands like Bone Dance and The Banner which we think are awesome. Melanie has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and seems to really care about music and her bands. We would love to tour with The Banner or go to the West Coast and tour with ACxDC, those dudes are killing it out there!

The material feels like a natural progression from your debut EP, but the slower, sludgier moments grabbed me even more this time around. “Suicide Giants” in particular is a track that I’ve gone back and listened to quite a bit as that lead melody really gets under your skin. How has your songwriting changed in the five years you have been together?

When we started writing the new album we really wanted to play bigger and shorter songs. We could only play 4 songs live with the EP because our songs were so lengthy. Our goal for this record was to write the saddest, angriest, fastest, and heaviest songs all within 1-3 minutes each. “Suicide Giants” is a heavy song with melancholy lyrics about a sad giant looking for a good place to die right before an apocalypse. Sad tunes, for tuff dudes.

Elliot Geller produced Dead Hymns and Shane Frisby mastered the release. What was it like to work with both of them and how do you feel they helped to bring your ideas for the album to life?

It was a blast to work in the studio with Elliot. He was always ready to work and always full of great ideas. We appreciated his advice as a producer and he definitely helped us make these songs better than we expected. Shane was equally as good and such a pleasure as well. He knew exactly how we wanted to record to sound and he delivered. All together the experience was great!

The music video for “Cruisin’ til the Wheels Fall Off” has Jesse going Rambo on the other band members. Tell me about the shoot for the video, as it looks like it was fun to be a part of.

Originally Jesse had the idea of us going into the woods and shooting each other with Nerf guns and then it turning into a bloody mess at the end. Then our drummer Dan took that idea to the next level and decided Jesse should go full Rambo on our asses! It was so much fun and it came out better than we expected. The scene where I get killed by Jesse was interrupted by the fuzz. A couple of cop cars rolled up on us and the windshield of the van was covered in fake blood. We told them we were shooting a student film and they asked us, “Did you guys call in the dead body?” Our jaws dropped. Apparently somebody decided to take a nose dive off the Newburgh-Beacon bridge a couple days before and some hikers found the body. There were cops everywhere and when we finished shooting that day a van was leaving the scene with the body. It was a crazy day to say the least! Hahaha.

What is your favorite song off of Dead Hymns to play live and why?

“Batesian Mimicry” is my favorite song to play live right now. It has every aspect of where we are trying to go with our sound. That and “Suicide Giants,” ’cause it’s so freaking heavy.

Since your band name is Tiger Flowers, the nickname of boxer Theodore “Tiger” Flowers, which one of your members would win in a boxing match?

Hmm, that’s a toss-up between Dean and Jesse. Dean actually took up amateur boxing though so my money’s on him! Haha.

Our website covers movies and video games as well as music. What type of entertainment are you guys into both at home and on the road? If you could put together a movie or video game using your music as the soundtrack, what would it be like?

Oh man now you’re talking my language! I’m a gamer and a movie buff myself. Big Tooth Gomez on Xbox Live. If I could play the new Grand Theft Auto and turn on the radio and listen to “Patient Patient” while plowing down on some gang bangers I could die happy! Haha.

You have a handful of tour dates scheduled on the East Coast, but what else does Tiger Flowers have lined up for 2014?

We have some ideas for hitting the road in September and we really want to get to the West Coast this year or maybe even Europe. It all depends on time and money. We got a lot of time but not that much money.


I’d like to thank Will for taking the time to answer these questions.  For more on Tiger Flowers, visit their Facebook page and check out Melotov Records’ site to order the new album.

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