VTT Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, August 30, 2010

VTT released their new album Symptoms of Sin earlier this year and has been touring around the East Coast in support of it. I had the chance to speak with guitarist Emir Erkal to find out more about the group’s writing process and upcoming plans.

For our readers who may not have heard of VTT before, give us a little bit of background information. When was the band formed and what other groups were your members involved in?

Formed in 2005 by Emir Erkal on guitars and long time friend T-Bone on drums, the duo soon brought in Primer on bass and topped off this new up and coming alt-metal band with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil Pz. VTT hail from the wastelands of the Garden State (NJ) armed with a heavy-melodic, radio-friendly sound with provoking lyrics and a confident melancholy collection of art with genuine working-class tenacity that is sure to make waves and turn heads.

Your new album Symptoms of Sin recently came out. How long ago did you start working on the album and what was the overall experience like?

We started working on the album probably a year before it came out and we poured everything that we had and everything that we have become into this record. It was meticulous, grueling, stressful and insightful, but we found a new sound. It’s been quite a long road, and now we want to prove to the fans that it’s all been worth it.

Along those same lines, you had the chance to work with producer Billy Graziadei for Symptoms of Sin. How did you feel he helped your music and what was it like to work with him?

Billy producing this album was the best thing that happened to us. He’s an amazing musician and a great friend of ours. It’s great to work with him any time. He really didn’t get involved with the songwriting process, but he helped us shape and structure our songs in the pre-production.

You formed as Voodoo Terror Tribe but now prefer to go by the abbreviated version, VTT. What made you decide to use VTT and how did you come up with your name?

The acronym better represents our new approach, and is iconic in its own way. While in a way we’re a tribe, the term ‘terror’ doesn’t usually apply and VTT is also easier to spell, and makes for better graffiti. Not to mention it’s secular.

Who did the album art for Symptoms of Sin and what does it symbolize?

I came up with the whole concept and worked with 2 graphic artists in Istanbul, Turkey and it symbolizes more like loneliness and hopelessness after huge disappointments in life.

You shot a self funded video for “The Victim” recently. What kind of work went into making that video and what made you decide to use that particular song for it?

We think “The Victim” is the best way to present our new voice and kinda new approach. We and our good friend / director “Shottie” (Shotwell Productions) came up with the ideas together, did some preproduction and planning and then we shot it in one day, but worked on it probably for a month to finalize and we really like the outcome.

Your summer tour ended a few months ago and as of right now it looks like you have a few festival dates lined up for the next month or so. Do you have any plans for a full length tour around the country or are you going to be staying on the East coast for now?

Well, we had an amazing tour thru mid west and southern states and we can’t wait to get on the road again, but we don’t have any plans for another full length tour yet, however we’ll doing some shows in East Coast for a while.

Cosmos Gaming also covers video games. Do any of your members play video games and if so what do they play? Additionally, what is their opinion on Rock Band/Guitar Hero?

I wish I had the time to play, but unfortunately I don’t, but our drummer plays the most, but I’m not sure what he’s playing lately. I’m sure something’s good. I think Rock Band / Guitar Hero games are cool and help the bands’ promotion. And some of our songs will be in Guitar Hero as well soon.

If you could take one of your songs and put it into a movie or video game, what song would you choose and what would you put it into?

I’d like to put “Wake of The White Devil” into a cool, action video game and “Never Died Before” into a bloody horror movie.

What does the future hold for VTT? Can we look forward to more music any time in the near future or are you planning on touring off of Symptoms of Sin for awhile?

We have already been working on new material and will spend more time on that until the end of this year to prepare the new album for 2011. In the mean time, we’ll be doing some shows in the East Coast and we’ll probably go on another full length US tour either before or after the new album, but probably in 2011 and we’ll do some shows with one and only BIOHAZARD sometime in 2011 during their new US and European tours.

For more information on VTT visit http://www.myspace.com/vttrocks.

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