Abysmal Lord- Disciples of the Inferno

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last year black/death metal band Abysmal Lord released an absolutely scorching EP Storms of Unholy Black Mass, which saw them putting together unrelenting riffing and pounding drums that utilized some of the filthiest tonality possible. Comprised of three members of Grave Ritual, the group managed to head off in a fairly different direction from that project and now this year listeners have new albums from both bands to bludgeon them into submission. I’ve already talked about how impressive Grave Ritual’s new effort was, and it looks like these guys have managed another absolutely killer release with Abysmal Lord’s new full length Disciples of the Inferno. Comprised of eight tracks that run a little under thirty eight minutes, this album does its best to leave behind absolute destruction in its wake and is sure to appeal to the diehard black/death and war metal contingent.

The general idea of Disciples of the Inferno seems to have been to take all of the elements that worked so well on the band’s previous material and amplify it to the next level. It’s one of those recordings that might prove to be too much for some people, as the guitar and bass are tuned down to extremely low levels and aside from some very short interludes this is an album almost devoid of melody and focused on channeling the most pummeling sound possible. But if you’re like me and have always been a fan of the most bestial and filthy black/death metal bands out there, Abysmal Lord is up there with the best of them as these songs attack with the force of a freight train while managing to switch the riffs up just enough that it doesn’t feel like they’re repeating themselves for eight songs. Storms of Unholy Black Mass had some mid-tempo sections but Disciples of the Inferno has pushed these aside in favor of unrelenting speed, and the thirty eight minutes the album lasts proves to be the perfect amount of time as the material flies by with plenty of scorching riffs and blistering solos but ends just as it seems like it might become too repetitive. The guitar solos are worth mentioning, as while the core of the instrumentation goes for filthy and low tonality the solos squeal with reckless abandon and cut through your speakers with razor like precision.

Lead singer M.C. continues to push his vocal cords to the limit on Disciples of the Inferno, as his raspy screams are so abrasive that it sounds like they’re going to pop out of your speakers and strangle you by the throat. With the album’s rawer production values M.C. is right at the front of the mix, and his screams come through with the maximum amount of intensity without overpowering the instrumentals. This is the type of performance that fits in perfectly with Abysmal Lord’s filthy, bestial sound and it’s great to see that the vocalist is able to keep up with the amount of force generated by the rest of the band. Aside from a few samples during the interludes the raspier pitch is what you’ll hear for the entire recording, but despite the decision to stick at around the same pitch it never becomes overly repetitive and instead allows the band to keep destroying everything in their path from beginning to end.

Raw black/death of this type continues to be an acquired taste, but those who want the filthiest and destructive metal around will find that Abysmal Lord has sharpened their attack even further on Disciples of the Inferno. It hits hard and manages just enough variation from the leads and solos to keep from feeling too repetitive, making it a worthy addition to one of metal’s most aggressive and unrelenting sub-genres. Three of these guys just released an absolutely killer old-school death metal album with Grave Ritual, and it’s hard to believe that they’ve also managed to write a punishing black/death release with Abysmal Lord in such a short span of time.


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