Anachronaeon- The Futile Quest for Immortality

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, December 26, 2010

Swedish melodic death metal band Anachronaeon has been around for a decade now but hasn’t always had the same name as they do now. Formed as Eternally Devoured, the group then changed their name to Human Failure before becoming Anachronaeon around 2004 or so. Since that time they have become a studio band that has been releasing material on a regular basis, and their third full length The Futile Quest for Immortality showcases their combination of melodic death metal with a little bit of speed/thrash and black metal. It has some potential, but falls short due to weak vocals and some repetition.

Although the majority of Anachronaeon’s material falls squarely into the melodic death metal category, there are some moments where their riffs add in some black metal tones and thrash/speed metal tempo changes. It’s a combination that works quite well when it appears, but unfortunately the instrumentalists spend about three quarters of the album focused entirely on mid-tempo riffs that don’t have quite enough energy to keep you engaged. This makes the effort feel a bit inconsistent at times, as there are tracks that will absolutely thrill listeners and others that will pass them by without making much of an impact. I do have to give the band credit on their production values though, as they have mixed and mastered the album so that it has a sound that is both clean and powerful and this fits their overall style quite well.

Vocalist Patrik Carlsson has a pretty impressive growl, as he has an extremely low pitch but still enunciates well enough that listeners will be able to make out every word. He’s one of the better growlers I’ve heard in the melodic death metal genre recently, but he also tries to throw in some clean singing throughout the course of The Futile Quest for Immortality and it just doesn’t stack up. The clean vocals have a bit of a folk tinge and while they do fit the instrumentals Carlsson sounds a bit too weak. For someone that has such powerful growls, it’s surprising that his other vocals sound so strained and this is something he is going to need to work on.

I don’t hate Anachronaeon as there are some decent ideas that pop up here and there, but the band has some major issues they need to work out. The instrumentals lack a consistent sense of momentum and intensity and the clean singing just doesn’t quite cut it, and this makes The Futile Quest for Immortality seem average at best. Perhaps they will be able to move forward and reach the level of potential that this disc hints at, but for now these guys just aren’t there.

Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Stygian Crypt Productions

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