Cady Groves- The Life of a Pirate

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cady Groves is a new singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City whose music is a cross between the mellow acoustic pop rock of NeverShoutNever and the pop country of mainstream artists like Taylor Swift. But don’t misconstrue that last sentence, as Groves is certainly not that predictable and isn’t so country that she will turn away people who aren’t into the genre. On her second EP The Life of a Pirate, she offers eight acoustically oriented songs that have a sense of quirkiness mixed in with raw emotion and that should definitely get people interested.

Groves has a very strong voice, and this helps to keep many of the songs moving along. Her voice is able to convey quite a bit of emotion and this makes her lyrical content feel truly genuine, which certainly sets her apart from some of the more mainstream singer/songwriters out there. At times Cady Groves has a little bit of a country twang in her voice and it is clear that she has taken a bit of influence from the genre but the material on The Life of a Pirate tends to lean more towards pop/folk than country. The lyrical content often feels a little bit quirky, and this is most evident by the title song of the EP which seems to suggest that Groves has a sense of playfulness to her material as well as raw emotion. There is still plenty of room for her to grow, but quite a few listeners will find these songs relatable and that should help quite a bit.

Quite a few of the tracks on The Life of a Pirate put the emphasis entirely on Cady Groves’ acoustic guitar and her vocals, but some of them add in some additional elements. In particular, there seems to be some very prominent piano work at times which complements Groves’ vocal work perfectly. Most of the material here could certainly be qualified as pop, but there are hints of soft rock, country and folk throughout. While there is nothing wrong with the purely acoustic tracks, Groves seems to be at her best when she uses the piano and guitar together to create atmospheric arrangements that enhance the imagery of her lyrical content. Hopefully she can expand on these styles, as it will entice even more people to her music and give it some more depth.

Chances are from the description I have given in the past couple of paragraphs that you will know whether this is the type of music that you find appealing or not. If you’re one of the people that does like acoustic pop done by singer/songwriters, consider checking out The Life of a Pirate as Cady Groves does have quite a bit of charm and noteworthy material. There are a few areas that she could expand on, but it seems likely that as Groves moves forward with her musical career that her material will showcase more depth and energy than it already does. This is certainly a promising way for her to begin to make a name for herself though, and here’s hoping that she finds the success she is looking for.

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