Chevelle – La Gargola

By Conner Wight

Published on Sunday, June 29, 2014

I’ll admit, I’m pretty late to the party on this review. But the more I listened to Chevelle and their new album from April, La Gargola, the more I realized that I just had to give my thoughts on it.

Chevelle has some killer stuff. You look at an album like Sci-Fi Crimes or Wonder What’s Next or This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) and all you can say is “wow”. So how does their newest release compare to these other releases?


Track 1. Ouija Board – This is one of those albums that starts off with a bang. It starts off with some chime-like sound effects, and instantly just kicks in. From there on out, it’s awesome. The main riff isn’t something I’ve heard before and it really sticks with me more than a lot of songs on it. Really underrated song on this album. SCORE – 8/10

Track 2. An Island – This is far and away my favorite song off of the album. The main riff is just killer. Like Ouija Board, I’ve never heard a riff that sounds exactly like it, and it’s honestly one of my favorite Chevelle riffs EVER. This song absolutely kills it whether you’re looking at the instrumentals or the vocals. SCORE – 9/10

Track 3. Take Out the Gunman – This one, to me, isn’t as great as the other two. It’s definitely one of the most popular songs off of the album, and for good reason. The main riff is pretty decent, and the chorus is very well sung. This song definitely is an energetic song and it’s good, solid, hard rock. SCORE – 7/10

Track 4. Jawbreaker – In my opinion, the album falls off a bit here. While this song isn’t bad, it really doesn’t stick out to

Chevelle's Pete Loeffler performing in Tampa in support of La Gargola. Image Credit - Bruce Neufeld for 98ROCK

Chevelle’s Pete Loeffler performing in Tampa in support of La Gargola.
Image Credit – Bruce Neufeld for 98ROCK

me. I don’t like the beginning all too much, and it’s just a mediocre song all around really. SCORE – 5/10

Track 5. Hunter Eats Hunter – Things definitely pick back up here. This is my third favorite song on the album, behind Ouija Board and An Island. It’s pretty heavy, and I think the vocals on this song are possibly the best on the whole album. It just really fits together well, great song. SCORE – 8/10

Track 6. One Ocean – This is a pretty well done ballad. Chevelle isn’t particularly known for stuff like this, and it does kind of show. It’s not the greatest ballad, but it’s not the worst. The vocals on the chorus are the best part in my opinion, and that’s really all that sticks with me on the song. SCORE – 6/10

Track 7. Choking Game – Kinda like Jawbreaker, this song is just kind of an average song. Nothing sticks out about it, and it’s not one that will be heard on the radio most likely. It has a couple good moments, but nothing really beyond that. SCORE – 6/10

Track 8. The Damned – I dig the guitar on this song. It’s one of the strongest points of the song. Not particularly memorable, but really good. It stays constant throughout the song, so you get to hear it a lot. The vocals aren’t particularly good on it, though. SCORE – 7/10

Track 9. Under the Knife – As far as the second half of the album goes, this is probably the best song. From the start, you can tell it’s gonna be a good song. And you are not wrong. The first 3 minutes and 12 seconds of this song are very, very good. Then the last 46 seconds are just kind of random noise, which is pretty odd honestly. SCORE – 8/10

Track 10. Twinge – This release doesn’t exactly end with a bang like it did at the start. This song is weird. It’s a slower song, but not as good as One Ocean. In my opinion, there isn’t much good to say about this song unfortunately. It’s definitely the worst on the album. The vocal style is weird and the instrumentals are nothing to be impressed about. SCORE – 4/10

TOTAL SCORE – 68/100 (68%)

This album has some really good songs, but also some really below average songs. None of them are bad (except maybe Twinge) and some of them are absolutely incredible. If you’re a Chevelle fan, there isn’t anything to be disappointed about here, and I’ll definitely be listening to songs off of this album for many years to come.


~Conner Wight



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