Holy Grail- Crisis in Utopia

By Max Hofacker

Published on Thursday, December 2, 2010

In a musical playing field where every band feels the need to “out-do” the others with speed an technicality, it’s refreshing to find a band that steps aside and dares to stick to the basics. Holy Grail boldly goes where few bands seem to go anymore, and courageously crank out catchy tracks that are defiantly simple and undeniably fun. With a musical style similar in nature to bands like Airbourne and Black Tide, Holy Grail are loud, proud, and show no mercy when it comes to rocking’ out. The best part, of course, is that Holy Grail doesn’t just do what they do – they do it WELL. The drums bang out a consistent, fast-paced tempo that drives each song without overpowering the guitar or vocal melodies. The guitar parts from song to song are good, but watch out for the flawless, God-tier solos – they could melt the face off The Human Torch himself. Meanwhile, the Opera-like vocals ring out and soar overtop of the mix, completing Holy Grail’s aural assault. To put it simply, Holy Grail is one of the most enjoyable bands I’ve listened to in quite some time. Be sure to pick up a copy of ‘Crisis in Utopia’ – I’ve you’ve got ears, you won’t regret it.



Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Prosthetic Records

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