If These Trees Could Talk- Red Forest

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If These Trees Could Talk has been creating up-tempo post/instrumental rock since 2006 and are getting ready to release their second full length Red Forest via Science of Silence. While this was not a group that I was familiar with, one listen to their soaring melodies was all it took to have me hooked. In some ways the instrumentalists are utilizing a lot of the styles that are common in this genre but thanks to the added urgency of the arrangements the band maintains a feel of their own.

In a way, it feels strange to describe post rock as fast paced. This is a musical genre that has historically established itself through lengthy arrangements that move at a fairly slow pace and build up into soaring soundscapes. If These Trees Could Talk certainly channels the atmosphere and mood that is often created in post rock, but where they differ is how they reach that point. Throughout Red Forest there is a driving rhythm that often whips the instrumentals into a frenzy and lets the melodies soar all around the listener until they reach a climax. It’s a formula that gives the group a different feel, and on certain songs the heaviness of the arrangements gives off a slight metal vibe. The melodies have a certain richness to them and each song has a number of different layers for the listener to take in, making this a mandatory headphone album. Admittedly though Red Forest does run into an issue that is common for this type of music, which is that by the end some of the tracks have begun to blend together.

Despite some songs sounding a bit similar to each other, taken as a whole Red Forest is an engaging album that sweeps you away with its atmosphere. Rather than starting off soft and ramping up in intensity If These Trees Could Talk starts off with a fast pace and high level of energy and gets even stronger from there which makes their material stand out in my mind. Whether you call it post rock or instrumental rock, this is a style that still produces bands with their own nuances and this group is one of them.


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