Infernaeon- Genesis to Nemesis

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, September 2, 2010

Infernaeon’s debut album A Symphony of Suffering was an intriguing mixture of Florida death metal and symphonic black metal, and while it didn’t quite have the staying power that some people would’ve hoped it was certainly a competent debut. Nearly three years later (and after the scrapping of an album’s worth of material) the group has returned with a follow-up entitled Genesis to Nemesis. They have clearly spent quite a bit of time on composing songs that combine the two styles even more so than before, and the result is a very strong release.

Part of what makes Genesis to Nemesis seem a lot stronger than its predecessor is that it spends plenty of time moving between black metal and death metal influences. While it sounded as though a lot of the songs on A Symphony of Suffering were death metal with some keyboards in the background, everything is better integrated this time around. The keyboards are still a prominent element, but they don’t appear on every track and seem to be used to create atmosphere when it fits the riffs rather than popping up here and there. Infernaeon spends much of the album moving between instrumentals that are equal parts black metal and death metal, pausing only to cover Metallica’s “Creeping Death” halfway into the release. The only major issue with Genesis to Nemesis is that almost all of the songs are over in five minutes in length, and a few of them feel as though they overstay their welcome. There are some guest instrumentalists such as Bill Hudson (Circle II Circle) and John Slaughter (Coldera) to break things up, but some of the songs feel as though they could have been a little shorter.

Vocalist Brian Werner still sounds about the same, which means that he has the mixture of low pitched growling and higher pitched shrieks that he had before. His vocals do have a lot of energy but aren’t necessarily going to win any awards for originality. However, what has always made Infernaeon memorable for me is the lyrics as Werner tends to lean towards writing concept albums. Genesis to Nemesis is themed around the story of the Bible from a historically accurate perspective and from the songs I’ve seen it seems as though quite a bit of research was done. It is sure to generate some controversy but the theme does make this release distinguishable. Infernaeon also got Oderus Urungus and Erik Rutan to provide some guest vocals, and this adds some additional character to some of the songs.

Genesis to Nemesis may not be the strongest metal album I’ve heard this year but it does showcase that Infernaeon has gotten a lot better and have more staying power. If you’re into death metal and don’t mind some symphonic influences (trust me it’s integrated a lot better than you might expect) then consider giving this disc a go. These guys have definitely found their own little niche within the genre, and that should help them to become bigger in the years to come.

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