K-os- Atlantis: Hymns for Disco

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, February 19, 2007

K-os is an artist who has become a big name in the Canadian music scene, but has yet to hit it big in the US. But thanks to his newest album, Atlantis- Hymns for Disco, K-os is set to become a hit. This album builds upon the hip-hop base that was established on K-os’ previous albums and adds even more singing as well as plenty of reggae and soft rock influences. The result is a mainstream hit that will hopefully get the radio airplay it deserves.

On Atlantis, K-os has worked on improving his vocal presentation in every possible way. His singing is excellent and has a very soul/reggae feel on it based on the song, made even more evident by the fact that there is so much more of it. In fact, K-os’ music could easily fit into the soul and R&B craze that has begun to hit the American mainstream in recent years. And seeing that his music has more interesting and heartfelt lyrics than most of what is on the radio, this wouldn’t be a bad thing. In addition to this, when he does choose to rap K-os has a great flow.

Just about every song on this album has a great beat to it that is practically inviting the listener to get out of their seat and start dancing. Many of the songs have an upbeat reggae style to them, and at times reflect K-os’ past in┬áTrinidad. Sure, the beats often repeat and aren’t always the most complicated, but the fact remains that these songs will hook in just about anyone that is open minded, no matter what type of music they traditionally listen to. Thanks to melodic hooks and excellent rhythms, Atlantis is sure to please.

While some purists may claim that K-os has taken a step backwards due to there being a little less rapping on this album, most will find it a refreshing step forward. With the addition of even more soul and reggae style elements, Atlantis is an album that just about anyone should be able to get into. Many of the songs on this disc have definite radio potential, and with Atlantis K-os will hopefully finally catch onto mainstream audiences in America.


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