Korn- The Path of Totality

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Monday, December 5, 2011

Few bands have evolved more over the last decade than Korn have. For a band that knew exactly who they were ten years ago is now desperately trying to regain that feeling of certainty. After the departure of founding drummer David Silveria and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch their claim of kings in metal started to steadily decline. After releasing two questionable albums, 2005’s See you on the Other Side and 2007’s Untitled, the band tried to use their 2010 album Korn III: Remember Who You Are as a return to form, but the feeble effort to return to their glory days just provided more evidence that their identity crisis was reaching a fever pitch. Now, the band has decided to fuse their signature nu metal sound with dubstep and oddly enough – it’s surprisingly good.

I’ve never made an attempt to hide my disappointment with Korn’s fall from grace. In fact, since 2003’s Take a Look in the Mirror (what I view as the last true Korn album) I’ve gotten progressively more disappointed with each album and was even more skeptical when vocalist Jonathon Davis decided to take the bands musical direction to more of an electronic/dubstep hybrid. When they released the albums first single “Get Up!” back in May I was instantly hooked. Despite being primarily dubstep in nature, it still managed to have that Korn vibe that I’d grown to love. “Narcissistic Cannibal“, the bands next single has one of the catchiest chorus’ of any Korn song and other notable tracks “My Wall” and “Burn the Obedient” have actually gotten me to enjoy dubstep – which I didn’t think was possible.

While Korn have greatly drifted from their sound that made them massively popular in the late 90’s, early 2000’s over the last decade, this album is oddly enough the closet I’ve felt them be to their true selves since then. The novelty of the electronic beats wears off pretty quickly, but if you take it all in for what it is you’ll have a hard time denying its level of catchiness.

While the band would have you believe The Path of Totality is more ground breaking than it really is, there’s no denying that the album is fun and definitely worth at least one good play through.

I’d give The Path of Totality an 8.5/10. Definitely check out the following songs: “Get Up!”, “Burn the Obedient”, “Bleeding Out” and “My Wall”.


Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Roadrunner Records

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