Ladytron- Velocifero

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fans have patiently been waiting for a follow up to Ladytron’s 2005 release Witching Hour with great anticipation, and that has time has finally come with the release of their fourth album, Velocifero. Offering an even darker and seductive style than before, Ladytron seems to be losing some of their techno/disco styles in favor of darker synth/electro pop. And while this new direction may split their fan base, it adds a newfound sense of energy to the dreaminess showcased previously.

Now backed with production from Vicarious Bliss and Alessandro Cortina ( Nine Inch Nails, Modwheelmood) the group certainly sounds louder and more intense than ever before. But don’t mistake this to mean that the band has lost some of the spacey or dreamy elements of their music, as there are still plenty of songs that take melodic synth arrangements and carry the listener off into a near trance like state. But unlike Witching Hour, Velocifero is filled with faster paced arrangements that have as much pop like flair as they do electro grooves. It isn’t as minimalist as some of the group’s previous releases hinted at, but it certainly is just as interesting.

The vocals have also benefited from this improved production, as both singers now sound even more seductive than before. Their voices are absolutely beautiful, whether they sing in English or Bulgarian. If you haven’t yet experienced Ladytron, this is likely one of the first elements of their music that you will notice as it is this sexiness that enhances the sometimes dark and adventurous lyrics. Unfortunately though, the lyrics still tend to repeat themselves a little too often which will take away from the impact that some of these songs have on listeners.

Listeners are going to be divided on whether or not Velocifero tops Witching Hour or not, but there is no denying that Ladytron has their music down to a near science now and certainly knows how to impress. They seem to be hinting at moving away from some of the shoegaze of the past, but at the same time still seem tied to the styles showcased previously. But nevertheless, this is still going to be one of the prime examples of synth/electro pop for 2008, much like Witching Hour was for 2005 and that in itself makes this an album worth experiencing.

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