Ladytron- Witching Hour

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ladytron’s latest album is hauntingly beautiful. Helen Marnie’s vocals are seductive to the listener and are much more prominent than in past releases. Although Mira Aroyo’s lack of singing (she is only featured on two songs for Witching Hour) may disappoint some longtime fans, anyone willing to give the album a listen will find something to like.

For newcomers, let me first explain the meaning of the name. Ladytron is named for two different things. The “Lady” part comes from the fact that the group is fronted by two females, and the “Tron” part comes from the musical style that they use; that being a more electronic and even sometimes robotic sound.

One of the biggest strengths of Witching Hour would have to be that it is very cohesive and very much a part of something bigger. While many releases from various artists feel like a bunch of singles put together as one album, all of the songs on this album flow together and fit as one. From start to finish the music is absolutely mesmerizing; this is the type of music that you can just sit around and completely absorb.

Instrumentals are varied and always sound excellent. Often they run the fine line between disco and electronic grooves that listeners can truly connect to. Tracks such as “AMTV” and “High Rise” have a certain feel to them that will make you want to start moving in rhythm with the sounds. This trend continues throughout Witching Hour but changes on the very light instrumental track “CMYK” as well as other tracks. Even though each song is a separate entity it still feels like a piece of the puzzle that this album is.

Helen Marnie’s light and very melodic vocals add that extra layer needed to give Ladytron’s music a simply blissful feeling. And the songs Mira Aroyo is featured on are a very good listen as well, as her vocals are much rougher and deeper than Helen’s, adding some unique contrast to the album.

Give Witching Hour a listen and absorb all of its melodies and electronic sounds. Ladytron has shown that they can make a compelling and artistic third release, and one can hope that they continue going at this pace. As it stands, this may be one of the most calming and seductive albums to be released this year.

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