Lamb of God- Sacrament

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, September 9, 2006

Lamb of God has been one of the frontrunners of the metal genre for quite a few years now and the group continues to do so with the release of their latest album, Sacrament. Although in some ways the band has added a bit more melody to this release (which some will criticize), it ends up helping to further evolve Lamb of God’s sound that much more. As of right now, this is probably one of the best metal albums of the year and listeners everywhere will find themselves going back to it many times after that first listen.

Vocalist Randy Blythe continues to be one of the most impressive screamers in the metal genre, as is apparent from his performance on Sacrament. Blythe’s screaming is extremely brutal but at the same time all of his words are distinguishable, which will be a bit of a change for fans of other metal bands (few bands featuring grunts or screams have immediately distinguishable lyrics). On this album these is also a noticeable increase in the amount of shrieking, which ends up being a very good thing. While some fans may be quick to say that the group has lost some of their intensity and become too mainstream, Randy Blythe’s vocals on this album would have to say otherwise.

Instrumentals fare just as well on Sacrament, as an emphasis is placed on guitar solos throughout the course of the songs. Whereas a lot of metal/metalcore groups put emphasis on breakdowns and other similar song structures, Lamb of God gives their instrumentalists the chance to have solos. The result of this is some of the most solid metal instrumentals the genre has seen in recent memory. Admittedly metalcore isn’t that bad of a genre, but Sacrament is much closer to traditional metal and because of this will appeal to a wider audience. It may be a little overproduced when compared to some of the group’s earlier albums, but the blistering drum and guitar work more than make up for a lack of “rawness.”

Sacrament is an album that won’t leave your stereo for awhile once it enters it, and that in itself is the sign of a AAA CD. With a little bit of added melody in their instrumentals and plenty of solid songs, this album is a hit not only for Lamb of God, but the genre as a whole. Sacrament should not only seal Lamb of God’s place as one of the leaders of the mainstream metal genre, but also show that they can progress their sound without losing sight of their fanbase.

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