Lesley Roy- Unbeautiful

By Gina Bortolussi

Published on Monday, May 4, 2009

It’s nice to hear chicks with some attitude. Lesley Roy brings this approach to her music as this rocker chick sings her heart out on her debut album, Unbeautiful.

Roy’s raspy voice has a hint of Janis Joplin in it. And like Joplin she doesn’t seem to be inhibited by much. She isn’t afraid to belt out the high notes and she is honest with her words. In her song “When I Look At You” she sings, “when I look at you, I wanna get a room.”

From her songs, it is apparent Roy has been scorned by a man or two, but she isn’t annoying about it. She doesn’t ask you to feel sorry for her, but let’s her music do the talking. There is a limited number of women musicians who don’t go down the bubble gum pop route and it’s refreshing to have a good, female singer who can rock out with a guitar out there.


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