Mutilated Veterans- Necro Crust Warhead

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sometimes you can tell from the title of an EP that you’re going to like it. This is exactly what happened with Mutilated Veteran’s debut Necro Crust Warhead, as before I found that this was a new project from the bassist of Looking for an Answer and drummer/vocalist of Machetazo I knew this was going to be material I’d like off the title alone. Listeners get hit with 13 and a half minutes of dirty, bottom heavy D-beat/crust that takes influence from some of the best and pulls it off. Although it remains to be seen if Mutilated Veterans might run into some repetition on a longer release, the EP format suits them perfectly and listeners are going to want to give these songs quite a few spins.

There is a lot of this type of music out there, and while it’s a particular style that I’ve always been drawn to there are certain elements that make some bands stand out to me more than others. Mutilated Veterans hit all of these throughout the six songs, and after that initial listen I knew this was going to be an EP that would be on repeat for the rest of the week. D-beat and crust have their roots in punk, and a lot of the newer acts have a tendency for Discharge worship, but this duo falls somewhere between where crust and death metal intersect. The sheer weight and dirtier sound of Bolt Thrower is definitely in there, but structurally each of these songs is likely to remind listeners of a slew of the better crust bands out there. Mutilated Veterans doesn’t waste much time, coming in fast with riffs and drum beats that hit as hard as possible but don’t linger to the point of repetition. There’s also enough variation to them to distinguish the five tracks apart, which isn’t always the case in this genre. Like some of my favorite crust releases this one brings the intensity to its highest possible level and makes you want to run around and hit things.

Machetazo’s Dopi handles all of the vocal work on Necro Crust Warhead, and if you’re familiar with any of the releases from that band you might notice some similarities to the performance here. Dopi has the type of pitch that’s perfectly suited for the sound Mutilated Veterans is going for, as he goes for a fuller growl that towers over the instrumentals and has a lot more distortion than most of the other vocalists out there. It’s one of those styles that comes off just as intense as the instrumentals, and that’s a significant part of what makes this EP so damn appealing. Like many of the other crust/D-beat acts Mutilated Veterans does incorporate some sound clips into their material, but they don’t distract from the actual songs and fit the themes the group explores. Overall, whether you’ve heard Dopi over the years in Machetazo or not, you should find his performance to be quite appealing.

If you’re a fan of anything crust/D-beat or are a fan of Machetazo this EP is a must have. It’s the type of music that makes an immediate impression and makes you want to crush everything in your path. There’s enough variation to make Mutilated Veterans distinguishable from the numerous other bands that have taken this same path, and while it remains to be seen if they’ll be able to keep it up for a longer release there’s no denying that this duo has started off with a first recording worth taking note of. Hopefully this ends up being more than just a one-off release, as I’d be interesting to see where these two would go next and if even more death metal influence might seep in.

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