Parasight- Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Danish crust punk/hardcore band Parasight released their debut full length Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit back in February, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that I came across it. It’s one of those records that instantly caught my attention, as the band goes for more of a melodic sound that emphasizes catchy hooks mixed in with a healthy dose of aggression. Though Parasight is sure to remind listeners of a slew of other groups that have gone for this same combination, they still have plenty to offer and are worth paying attention to.

There’s a good deal of crust and D-beat at the core of the sound on Munden Fuld Af Løgn, Lommen Fuld Af Profit, but that doesn’t mean that the instrumentalists are simply channeling the same sound as every other band. The rougher jagged edge is always present, but the way that Parasight layers melodic guitar leads over top of this rawer base works extremely well. It gives the material a bit of a melodic hardcore/punk vibe, as there’s the same bouncy energy present. Rather than simply blasting away with a sheer wall of noise, the instrumentals are given a bit of room to breathe, and this does make the album a bit more accessible than some of the others in the genre. That’s not to say that the group is tamer than some of their peers, as the riffs are able to dial up the aggression level at just the right time, but there’s definitely a mellower side to this one.  The individual elements are sure to remind listeners of a number of different groups, but the way that Parasight merges them together feels distinguishable. Each of the nine songs has something a little bit different to offer, but the one that I’ve returned to the most is “Blodtud.” The way that this particular track is able to shift ever so slightly from a harsher, in your face sound to a sudden burst of melody gets me going every time, and it’s a perfect example of how this band’s songwriting has real staying power.

I don’t speak any Danish so I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about the lyrics, but Google Translate tells me that the title means something close to Mouth Full of Lies, Pocket Full of Profit.” It’s clear that Parasight has similar thematic content to a lot of the other bands in this genre, and with the sheer amount of intensity that the group’s vocalist delivers I think that listeners will be able to appreciate it. This is one area where the harshness doesn’t let up for a single second, as the vocalist has a harsher scream that seems to hit even harder when paired with the melodic instrumentation. There are some lower pitched backing vocals that pop up on a few of the songs, and this is one area that I’d like to see the band expand upon as it gives the performance a bit more variation and the exchange between the two styles works extremely well.

Crust and D-beat influenced hardcore is one of those styles that I find myself gravitating towards regularly, though it takes a certain level of songwriting to stand out (and there are also quite a few groups content with just repeating Tragedy’s or His Hero Is Gone’s riff style for an entire album). But Parasight’s debut has some real staying power, and their emphasis on melodic leads gives me a vibe of melodic hardcore combined with crust/d-beat which is quite appealing. There’s still plenty of room to expand and continue developing their own style, but this is a fantastic starting point and a record worth checking out for anyone that likes some melodic hooks mixed in with their aggressive hardcore.

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