Senses Fail- The Fire

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Over the course of their career, New Jersey natives Senses Fail have transcended genre boundaries in the hopes of staying on the top tier in an otherwise cluttered post-hardcore scene. They took a giant leap towards that goal on their newest album, The Fire.

On their last two albums, Life is Not a Waiting Room and Still Searching, Senses Fail branched slightly away from the screaming that made them popular on their first album, opting for a more “mainstream”-friendly sound.

On their newest album, The Fire, however, vocalist Buddy Neilson engages the listener with some of, if not the most brutal screaming Senses Fail has released to date. This is most evident on songs like “Lifeboats” and “Irish Eyes”. With that said, there’s still plenty of singing on the album.

With brutal guitar riffs and arguably Buddy’s best lyrics to date, The Fire features a very good balance and flow between singing and screaming that makes this CD a must have for fans of both new and old Senses Fail.

While I’ve enjoyed every album Senses Fail has released to date, The Fire feels the most consistent and sound album to date. The album has been out for a month now and I still can’t stop listening to it. While the whole album is good, I would have to say “New Years Eve” and “Lifeboats” are my favorites from the album.

I’d give The Fire a 9/10.

The Fire is out now via Vagrant Records.

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