TesseracT- One

By Max Hofacker

Published on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There are three types of ‘good music’ in this world. Some music brings you to your feet. Some music knocks you off your feet. And then there’s music that conjures a comfortable chair out of thin air and beckons you to have a seat, relax, and stay awhile. With “One”, TesseracT have chosen to blur the lines between all three types, and the finished product is truly an art to behold.

Along with bands like Periphery and Animals As Leaders, TesseracT are at the forefront of a style of music people are beginning to call ‘djent’ (an onomatopoeic word derived from the distinct guitar tone and riff pattern – say it aloud, and you’ll get it). Meshuggah are the undisputed fathers of djent, but TesseracT are no cover band. With clean vocals and melodic overtones set against a backdrop of atmospheric synthesizer, “One” evokes a certain depth and texture that is distinctly different from whatever music influenced it.

“One” is an album that craves the listener’s complete and undivided attention – a small price to pay for the reward of listening to it, I might add. It caresses both the ear and the spine. Be sure to buy this album, and schedule yourself plenty of alone-time – I think you’ll need it.



Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Century Media Records

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