The Best of Rob Zombie- The Millennium Collection

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, December 22, 2006

The 20th Century Masters Collection has now added Rob Zombie to their ever growing list of greatest hit albums. This particular disc compiles material from Rob Zombie’s roots with White Zombie all the way up to his current release, Educated Horses. And while it does represent Zombie’s music career up to this point in time, this disc is still best suited for casual fans of his music or collectors who must own every release.

Don’t get me wrong, Geffen Records and the Chronicles label (who handle all of the 20th┬áCentury Masters collections) did a good job in picking out the most popular songs from White Zombie and Rob Zombie’s solo work. However, Rob Zombie has slightly fewer albums out compared to some of the other artists to have gotten Masters releases, so big fans of his work likely already own all of the songs on this release. It is just a bit disappointing that there is no bonus material of any kind, and that all of the songs on this compilation can easily be found elsewhere.

Another good element about this compilation is that the label actually took the time to order all the tracks by album, which can help listeners see a sense of progression. As the first tracks start out with White Zombie and the last ones are from the latest solo album, fans will be able to see how Rob’s music has progressed over the years. This may be a minor element, but it is nice to see how an artist or band has changed over the years when listening to a compilation.

This compilation is best suited for casual listeners who do not already own all of Zombie’s previous work, as major fans will already have all of these songs on other releases. The Rob Zombie Masters Collection is put together nicely, but would’ve benefited from some additional bonus material that would have drawn in fans. But at the very least, this is a very good retrospective of Zombie material.

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