The Haunted- Unseen

By Max Hofacker

Published on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey, have you heard? The Haunted are touring with Linkin Park and Stone Sour in support of their new album! They’re set to hit the stage right before co-opener Ill Nino! Special guest Fred Durst will be doing stage dives and signing autographs all night long, it’ll be great.

No I’m not serious, but sadly, I think I could be – that’s about where The Haunted is going to rank after their forthcoming ‘Unseen’ hits record stores next month.

It’s a shame that mass-audience radio stations are slowly losing prominence, because I think this new album would find a fitting home on generic alt-rock stations across the nation. I think ‘bland’ is a fitting descriptive term for most of the tracks on this album; ‘boring’, ‘lackluster’, and ‘weak’ could be used with equal ease.

I wonder what’s been added to the public water supply in Sweden that is slowly poisoning the Gothenburg metal scene…first In Flames and Dark Tranquility went stale, and now The Haunted are right along with them. The Haunted used to crank out aggressive melodic thrash with praise-worthy consistency, but the last 3 years has been more of a depressing decline into musical mediocrity than anything else.

In short, you can give ‘Unseen’ a listen if you like, but trust me – you’ll be left wishing you could “Unhear” it by the time you’re finished.


Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Century Media Records

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