Vinicius Cantuaria- Silva

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, January 9, 2006

Vinicius Cantuaria, the popular Brazilian singer/songwriter, is back with his fifth studio album. Silva is a very light and flowing album that toys with some elements of jazz mixed in with traditional Brazilian elements. But unlike other albums from other artists, Cantuaria chose to be very subtle with his jazz elements and even some of the other instrumentals. The result is a seductive and very listenable record that many people will be able to relax and even groove to (in fact, I could see this being an excellent album to pop into your car stereo when you’re taking a long trip).

Silva is constantly jumping between various elements that all fit. Songs such as “The Bridge” and “Pena de Mim (Pity on Me)” have some traditional elements mixed in with excellent string work (and excellent trumpet work on the “The Bridge”). On the other side of the spectrum, tracks such as “Reentry” are very light and slow paced. These lighter tracks have subdued instrumentals, giving Cantuaria’s excellent voice a chance to get the spotlight.

Every single track is very relaxing to the listener and made even better by the excellent vocals. The instrumental work (especially the solo trumpet and string work in many of the songs) are good enough by themselves, but the vocals really add that extra layer. Vinicius alternates between Portuguese and English tracks, and in some songs he simultaneously switches between the two. For people who don’t know anything about Portuguese, all of the songs have been translated into English and printed in the manual. Cantuaria’s voice is very subtle as well; his vocals are light and always match the rhythm of what is being done in any particular song at any given moment.

Anyone who can appreciate a clever mix of traditional Brazilian music elements combined with subtle touches of jazz and even some minor electronic work will absolutely love Silva. It’s the type of album that you can pop into the stereo, close your eyes, and just soak in. Sure, the traditional rock crowd that I’ve appealed to in past reviews will probably write this one off, but anyone with an open mind (or just a passion for this type of music) will not be disappointed in what they find.

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