Wretched- Beyond the Gate

By Max Hofacker

Published on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Usually I don’t like being the guy that quotes movies without good reason, but when I listened to ‘Beyond The Gate’, the very first thing that jumped into my head was a line from that mediocre movie ‘The Goods’, and it went like this: “Don’t forget to wear your boner pants.” Now I could stop this review at that, since it really sums up everything I’m about to tell you (or everything that you’ll undoubtedly go out and discover for yourselves after reading this), but since I’m here, I may as well go on. I’ve been listening to ‘Beyond The Gate’ for three weeks now, trying to decide exactly what makes it so phenomenal, but I’m having some serious trouble – there’s really nothing NOT to like about this album. It has speed and technicality in abundance, but melodies are present throughout as well. And the guitar solos….well, like I said before, before you press play, make sure you’re dressed accordingly. If you’ve never heard anything by Wretched before, this album is a perfect place to jump on board. In terms of style and overall sound, picture a cross between Veil of Maya and The Faceless (specifically the ‘Akeldama’ album) and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect – greatness.

The Good: Good use of technicality (too much can stall the natural progression of this songs), mind-numbing solos, well-integrated melodies and interludes
The Bad: Individual tracks could’ve been longer; only the title track eclipsed the 5-minute mark, and most of the others barely played for 4
The Verdict: Listen to this album. And heed my warning about the dress-code.



Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by Victory Records

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