Cosmos Gaming is currently updated and maintained by the following individuals.  Click any of the names below to see all the articles that person has written.  We are always looking for new staff and contributors so please get in touch and let us know your area of expertise.

Aaditya Chandrasekar
Music Writer

Aminta Nieves-Candamo
Music Writer/Photographer

Chip Tamplin

Chris Dahlberg
Chris has been writing about video games since the late 90s, starting off as a freelancer for several gaming websites before creating Cosmos Gaming in 2005. His primary areas of interest are metal, RPGs, PC games, anime and experimental music but he is willing to tackle just about any topic in the video game and music world.

Cristina Gonzales
Music Writer/Photographer

Daniel Gallagher
Music Writer/Photographer & Video Game Reviewer

David Buchanan
Music Writer

Mario Pareja-Lecaros
Music Writer

Matt Christine
Video Game Reviewer

Moe Rantala
Video Game Reviewer

Peter Towe
Film/TV Writer

Sean McAloon
Film/TV Writer

Walter Hare
Video Game Reviewer


Previous Staff/Contributors:

The following writers/contributors are no longer writing for Cosmos Gaming but we are grateful for the time and effort they provided.

Alex May

Amanda Randolph

Brian Nowakowski

Casey Bach

Christina Greschner

Derek Pettinelli

Gavin “Blayd” Keating

Gina Bortolussi

Jesse Wan

Justin Johnston

Kaitlin Follmer

Lucas Allmon

Mario Trevizo

Matthew Winchester-Arlow

Max Hofacker

Mike Smith

Nic Ross

Phill Parker

Richard Senkel

Sean Lesley

Stephen Paulin

Steven Marsh

Sumit Dutta

Xi Lin